Results presented on September 23-24th at 2nd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication:

Overview of the VoicePrivacy 2022 Challenge.

Slides (presenter: Natalia Tomashenko)

System descriptions

Speaker Anonymization by Pitch Shifting Based on Time-Scale Modification. Candy Olivia Mawalim, Shogo Okada, and Masashi Unoki.

Voice Privacy - Leveraging Multi-Scale Blocks with ECAPA-TDNN SE-Res2NeXt Extension for Speaker Anonymization. Razieh Khamsehashari, Yamini Sinha, Jan Hintz, Suhita Ghosh, Tim Polzehl, Clarlos Franzreb, Sebastian Stober and Ingo Siegert.

Cascade of Phonetic Speech Recognition, Speaker Embeddings GAN and Multispeaker Speech Synthesis for the VoicePrivacy 2022 Challenge. Sarina Meyer, Pascal Tilli, Florian Lux, Pavel Denisov, Julia Koch, Ngoc Thang Vu.

NWPU-ASLP System for the VoicePrivacy 2022 Challenge. Jixun Yao, Qing Wang, Li Zhang, Pengcheng Guo, Yuhao Liang, Lei Xie.

System Description for Voice Privacy Challenge 2022. Xiaojiao Chen, Guangxing Li, Hao Huang, Wangjin Zhou, Sheng Li, Yang Cao, Yi Zhao.

VoicePrivacy 2022 System Description: Speaker Anonymization with Feature-matched F0 Trajectories. Unal Ege Gaznepoglu, Anna Leschanowsky, Nils Peters.