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The following is an tentative schedule for VoicePrivacy 2022 and subject to change. Any specific times are for Anywhere on Earth (AoE).

Release of evaluation plan March 2022 ✔
Submission of challenge papers to the joint SPSC Symposium and VoicePrivacy Challenge workshop 15th 25th June 2022 ✔
Author notification for challenge papers 25th July (extended) 2022
Early bird registration for Interspeech 2022* 10th July 2022
Deadline for participants to submit objective evaluation results, anonymized data, and system descriptions 31st July 2022
Final paper upload 5th September 2022
Joint SPSC Symposium and VoicePrivacy Challenge workshop 23rd–24th September 2022



Registration for the VoicePrivacy Challenge

Participants are requested to register for the evaluation. Registration should be performed once only for each participating entity and by sending an email to:


with “VoicePrivacy 2022 registration” as the subject line.

The mail body should include:

(i) the name of the team; (ii) the name of the contact person; (iii) their affiliation; (iv) their country; (v) their status (academic/nonacademic).

You will recieve a confirmation email within ~24 hours after successful registration.


Registration for the workshop

The registration to the workshop can be performed using the Interspeech registration system: https://www.interspeech2022.org/registration/.

The event is open to everyone regardless of their contribution to the VoicePrivacy challenge or SPSC symposium. In addition, all the VoicePrivacy challenge participants, who will submit results and system descriptions by 31st July, are encouraged to present their work during the event (even if they did not submit papers to the SPSC symposium).